We provide industrial hygiene, occupational health/safety, and litigation support services. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of professional services customized to each client. Whether it's your workplace or home, we help mitigate the risks of hazards, protect your health, minimize liability, reduce expenses, and optimize your environment for healthier work and living. With decades of experience and an amazing track record, let us optimize your health and safety solutions for your home & workplace.

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Years of Experience

Why us?

why us?

You can gamble with someone else,
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Peak delivers peace of mind through innovative, practical, trusted science-driven solutions that mitigate risks and optimize the first time. You need innovative solutions for all of your safety and health needs that address your technical and regulatory challenges. Our consultants put integrity first. We provide data-driven expertise for each project’s need – commercial, residential, and environmental we got you covered. Peak proactively empowers you to make informed, cost-effective decisions on how to control hazards, protect health, minimize liability, and maximize value of your investment.

We are your certified industrial hygienists. Peak is your elite team of science driven risk mitigators for the anticipation, recognition, evaluation, and controlling of workplace, home, and environmental conditions that may cause injury or illness. But we don’t stop there. We uniquely optimize your work and home conditions for performance and health. Whether you need help with your commercial, residential or environmental project we can help. We specialize in all three phases of a project’s life cycle: before, during, and after. Before a project starts we provide the due diligence and planning to ensure risk mitigation and compliance with legal or ethical needs. During a project we identify issues, test as needed, and provide mitigation/management solutions to ensure you achieve your goals as well as achieving the necessary compliance. After a project is completed we work with you to identify compliance issues, provide appropriate testing, and assist to ensure you achieve any needed remediation.

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Protecting Health & Minimizing Risk

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