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 for anticipating, recognizing, evaluating, and controlling workplace, home, and environmental conditions that may cause injury or illness. But we don’t stop there. We uniquely optimize your work and home conditions for performance, health, and long-term risk mitigation.

Whether you need help with your commercial, residential, or environmental project we can help. We specialize in all three phases of a project’s lifecycle: before, during, and after.

Before a project starts we provide the due diligence and planning to ensure you mitigate risks and comply with legal or ethical needs.

During a project, we come in and identify any issues, test as needed, and provide mitigation and management solutions to ensure you achieve your goals as well as achieving the necessary compliance.

After a project is completed, and you either need to sell or demolish and restore a piece of property, we can come in and work with you to identify the issues and compliance, provide any and all necessary testing, and then assist you to ensure you achieve any needed remediation.


Industrial hygiene done right the first time.

Save time, mitigate risks, and ensure your spend is optimized.  We deliver the most comprehensive service offerings for occupational health and safety, and we can even come in to optimize your employee’s performance.  


Isn’t about just completing a checklist.  It is much more.  The right anticipation, recognition, evaluation and management of your work place conditions can make or break your business.  Let alone mitigate the risks of work’s injuries or illnesses.  


Because this is so key, we believe in treating every client like family to ensure your unique situational needs are met the first time, with the right solutions.  Our comprehensive solutions aligned with the highest levels of integrity and expertise ensure we do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on your business’ success.  


So let us come in and reduce your environment, safety, and health operational costs, meet compliance objectives, reduce risk and liability, optimize working environments, and achieve long-term efficiencies and solutions.

Commercial Services



We hate to sound all doom and gloomy, but do you have any idea what really is lurking in your house? Old and new threats! And if you are like us, you don’t want or need them, and you sure as heck don’t want your loved ones being exposed to them. Let me paint you a picture.


What risks hide at home?

From mold to your air quality, to lighting and EMFs, these often invisible miscreants lurk in the majority of homes. They cause sickness, impede your ability to get a good night’s sleep, and keep you from having a kick ass and optimized day of life.

Great news, you can stop them!

And we can help. With the move towards working at home, we started thinking about all the issues faced in the workplace, and we realized why doesn’t anyone offer a comprehensive solution to mitigate the risks of these dangers, and optimize your living spaces to ensure you and your families live the best possible lives, each and every day.


We are the only company that brings commercial grade scientifically driven modalities, tests, and tools to ensure you and your family are safe and optimized. So why take the risk, call us today and protect and optimize you and your family now.

The following are a list of services we offer to our residential clients:



With our experience we are considered experts in building sciences, exposure assessment and worker’s compensation claims. We can assist with assessing existing conditions, reviewing historical documentation, conducting defensible assessments, and collecting standard of care measurements to opine on your specific case.

We have provided litigation support for the following types of cases:


health, safety, & remediation.

It sounds funny, but our world and our environment are key to our survival. We cannot look just at buildings in how they currently exist, but we need to consider the impact of the buildings, regulations, and plan for the future.

We are just as passionate about the environment as we are for your businesses, workers, and families. We can develop remediation work plans and provide varying levels of remediation oversight to ensure hazards are mitigated properly and cost effectively.

Peak proactively empowers you to make informed, cost-effective decisions on how to control hazards, protect health, minimize liability, and maximize your value for your investment.

Protecting Health & Minimizing Risk

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